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Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids

Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids is the first of two recordings in the Peace Tales Project. Included on this 56 minute CD are peace stories and poetry from around the world, accompanied by Native American, piano and percussion instrumental music. The stories address many themes — sharing, cooperation, forgiveness and honesty, respect, friendship, joy, and nobility, teaching “pathways to peace” for each and every one. The recording is ideal for children and adults of all ages. Families, schools, clubs, churches and others may all enjoy this delightful collection.

A curriculum guide is now available with activities appropriate for all learning styles and ages. It is ideal for teachers and others who wish to incorporate Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids into their lesson plans.  It includes a guide to related resources and identifies State Department of Education curriculum standards supported by the curriculum. Listen into Holding Up the Sky.

Holding Up the Sky — A Chinese Folk Tale   3:31
Peace Song — A Southwestern coyote story   8:13
The Blind Boy and the Bird — An African hunting tale   7:10
Golden Rule School — A poem with rhythm and washboard   0:59
Jessica, Jacqueline Jocelyn Smith — A friendship poem   1:13
My Circle of Friends — A poem celebrating diversity   0:54
Two Foxes — An Appalachian folktale about peer pressure   4:38
The King’s Bliss — Inspired by a Sufi tale   8:50
The Argument Sticks — An Iroquois mediation strategy   3:20
An Aesop Fable in which goat and lion learn to take turns   2:17
The Tale of Mussa and Nagib — A Persian lesson in forgiveness   5:05
The Diamond is Yours — A Mexican folktale on nobility   10:34
A Tale for All Seasons gives voice to peace   1:58